Cheesy Splendour from the Cheese Boutique

by Renee Suen

For the cheesiest way to celebrate your nuptials—or at least an excellent addition to your reception’s dessert table—look no further than The Cheese Boutique’s cheese cake. Over the past decade, more than 600 couples have chosen this unconventional and savoury option to commemorate their special day, with the exciting opportunity to build their cake from the gourmet grocer’s cheese-rich vault stocked with 450 to 500 cheeses.

An in-store consultation is required to proceed with any order, that’s both a tasting and information session. It’s here that the couple’s preferred cheese style(s), wedding theme, cultural and colour schemes are noted for the customized creation. The resulting arrangement features a perfect symmetry of the finest, most delicious cheeses assembled in tier form with firmer and larger wheels typically dominating the bottom layers and smaller, creamer cheeses stacked above.

Cheese cakes feeding 100 to 200 guests start at $700 (for 400 guests, expect the starting price to be $2,000) and could include everything from a 45kg wheel of Comté to a six year-aged raw milk Gouda, bricks of chèvre noir or Migneron de Charlevoix from Quebec, or two year old Zamarano from Spain. Be sure to include the dreamy triple-cream Riopelle de l’Isle from Isle-aux Grues in Quebec, perhaps a goat’s milk Garrotxa or La Tur from Peidmont. But the pièce de résistance might be an Époisses topper (although the addition might depend on your guests’ palate for pungent runny heese). Decorated with accompaniments like fruit garnishes, Membrilla quince paste, dark chocolate, breads and crackers, this elaborate setup is sure to make a lasting impression.

45 Ripley Ave., 416.762.6292

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