Hear it and weep: Noble Audio’s Tux 5 earbuds sound as good as they look

by editor

With superior clarity, both in audio precision and smooth product design, Noble Audio’s Tux 5 delivers all the timeless elements audiophiles demand.

Compared to Noble’s previous products, Tux 5 is fairly low key in CM favour with no more marble patterns. The earbuds come in a simple pressurized black glossy coating, with a crown logo and “wizard” label. Its premium cable, decked out in a Tuxedo black and white sheath – hence the name Tux – looks smart and elegant.

The ‘5’ in the name represents the five main component units: one moving coil and a quad balanced armature. The 10-millimetre moving coil is responsible for low-frequency processing, whereas the four iron drivers use Knowles units. Both pair of drivers are used to transmit high and mid frequencies.

During audio output, platinum-plated stainless steel is used to reduce frequency distortion, so as to deliver a more soothing tone. Eight-core, oxygen-free copper cables are utilized, in addition to a two-pin CM plug headset so that users can adjust their wiring preferences accordingly. With this feature, Tux 5 is capable of delivering amazing layered sound.

Tux 5 excels in audio situations that cover space instead of dynamic variations in frequencies. When spatial audio comes in, you can hear the wideness of the stereo scope clearly without losing the sense of the surroundings.

Although a 10-millimetre, low-frequency unit is being used, all three levels (high/mid/low) are evenly distributed. Drumming is especially impressive – you can indeed hear and feel the bounciness of the drums.


  • 10mm dynamic bass woofer
  • 4 Knowles balanced armature drivers
  • Comfortable 3D printed shell design
  • Stainless-steel nozzle with wax guard
  • Standard 2-pin 0.78mm recessed sockets
  • Premium 8 core OCC copper cable
  • Price: $1,729

The eight-core oxygen-free copper cable is the highlight of Tux 5’s design.


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